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John Ross Smart Living

Welcome To Smart Living

Smart Living is using technology to make things easier, taking away some of your day-to-day stress and make your life better.

With a Smart Living system, the technology works in the background to help you do things more easily, like play music in any room whenever you want, heat the house to the best temperature at the times of the day when you need it, turn off lights that you’ve left on by mistake or notify you when someone is at the door even when you can’t hear the doorbell and so on.

John Ross Smart Living are expert providers in Smart Living Solutions. From design, to build and then maintenance, this team does it all.

Step into the future and start living smarter.

The Goals

A modern, stylised website that is a true reflection of the John Ross brand.

A library of interlinked services pages that best showcase the “whole-home” solutions on offer.

A large video library, where new customers can visit to learn more about what smart living is.

An SEO first website, built to capture traffic.

A blog page built for SEO, harnessing the power of answering your customers questions.

“Wow – the website is awesome – and although I use that word quite a lot I really do mean it! I love the layout and the colours and how it looks so much more modern and techy – it’s just fab!”

John Ross, Director of John Ross Smart Living